Field Work

Baseball Umpire School Field Work

BBUC daily field instruction will take place at a local High School field. Daily you will be broken up into field and cage groups. And will be going over drills every morning until lunch time. Followed by afternoon situational drills with live ball action and games.

Using the evening classroom session as the basis for daily field work we are able to build our students skill sets one day at a time. Items that will be gone over during the course of our camp are but not limited too. Reactions to developing plays, play within plays and proper positioning for plays. Proper timing for plays, judgment of plays and knowledge of the three-man umpiring system. Proper use of eyes, professionalism, pace of play prodical and game management/ejection procedures. Finally, style and form of calls, proper use of voice and communication with partner(s).

Baseball Umpire School Field Work 2