2 & 3-Man Camp Curriculums

Black & Blue Umpire Camps (BBUC) will help improve the skills of umpires regardless of past experience and/or level. The 2 & 3-Man Course provides an in-depth examination of NCAA and OBR rules interpretations, mechanics for the three-umpire system and plate work along with the technical and practical on-field aspects of collegiate umpiring. During BBUC’s intensified 3-Man course students will receive at least 40 hours* of instruction.

BBUC core instruction will be separated into four areas: classroom, field, plate work and live game evaluations. Students begin with a classroom instruction and a breakdown of the 2 & 3-Man system. Followed by on field drills and plate work, putting into practice the topics covered during the classroom session. To further the student learning experience, BBUC will be holding simulated and live game evaluations by D-1 assignors. Click on an instruction method below for more details about what you can expect when you attend Black and Blue Umpire Camps.

When you decide to attend the Black & Blue Umpire Camp, you've made the decision to advance your amateur baseball umpiring career with the "Right Decision." Join this one of a kind umpiring experience, with the best college baseball umpiring staff ever assembled in the Country! If you'd like to further your career and work your way up the ranks of amateur baseball umpiring, now is the time to sign up!

Baseball Umpire School Curriculum